Ukrainski teoretyky masovoi komunikatsii: ohliad osnovnykh prats [Ukrainian theorists of mass communication: overview of main works]




mass communication, mass communication theory, mass communication theorists


This material is submitted for discussion on the pages of the journal. It has the status of a working version of a review article, a preprint. Anyone can participate in the discussion by submitting their materials with a reference to this material in the "Discussions" section. The authors of this material, in the case of writing a scientific article, must make a reference to their material, which they submitted for discussion. The proposed review presents a selection of the main generalizing works on the theory of mass communication, created by Ukrainian researchers over the past 25 years. Preference was given to training manuals, monographs, and textbooks, the authors of which tried to present a comprehensive view of the topic and systematize existing knowledge. The review of the selected works is carried out in the chronological order of their publication. This selection includes V. Ivanov's dissertation "Methodology and methods of researching the content of mass communication" (1996), O. Kuznetsova's textbook "Fundamentals of mass communication" (1996), the textbook by A. Moskalenko, L. Guberskyi, V. Ivanov and V. Vergun "Mass Communication" (1997), O. Zernetska's monograph "Global Development of Mass Communication Systems and International Relations" (1999), V. Ivanov's textbook "Sociology of Mass Communication" (2000), H. Pocheptsov's textbook "Communication Theory" ( 2001), S. Kvit "Mass Communications" (2008), V. Rizun "Theory of Mass Communication" (2008), O. Kosyuk's textbook "Mass Communication Theory" (2012), V. Ivanov's monograph "Mass Communication" (2013) . The review uses methods of historical-comparative and logical analysis


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Zernetska, O. (1999). Hlobalnyi rozvytok system masovoi komunikatsii i mizhnarodni vidnosyny. Osvita [Global development of mass communication systems and international relations. Osvita].



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Ukrainski teoretyky masovoi komunikatsii: ohliad osnovnykh prats [Ukrainian theorists of mass communication: overview of main works]. (2023). Current Issues of Mass Communication, 34, 18-41.

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