Adherence to journalistic standards in coverage of religious issues in Ukrainian and Italian media




professional journalistic standards, Ukrainian media, Italian media, public relations, religious topics


This article aimed to investigate the adherence to professional standards by the Ukrainian and Italian media in covering the conflict around the UOC MP (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate) during the war in Ukraine. Thanks to the method of scientific literature analysis, Ukrainian scholars’ views on professional journalistic standards and their observance in the media were clarified. With the help of the media monitoring method, we found 97 publications covering the conflict around UOC MP. The content analysis method determined the subject of the relevant publications and the presence of Russian propaganda narratives in them. Quantitative and qualitative adherence indicators to professional standards were also determined using the content analysis method, and the context mentioning the OCU and UOC MP activities was clarified. The main results and conclusions of the study: most of Italian media had a neutral attitude to the conflict, some media ignored it, there were also those openly promoting Russian narratives and even sometimes containing hate speech (Il Giornale) and reacted sharply to the fact of the searches and the statement of Volodymyr Zelenskyi about the banning of the UOC MP (Avvenire). Despite occasional standards violations, Ukrainian media covered the events objectively and in a balanced manner, without inciting enmity towards UOC MP.


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