VR, NFT, Metaverse... How digital innovations affect the development of marketing and PR communications





communications, metaverse, NFT, public relations, virtual reality, marketing


This study aims to determine innovative global trends in communications and their impact on the development of the marketing and PR industry. For this, we applied trend analysis, one of the modern forecasting methods, which is based on the examination of secondary sources and news publications and allows the identification of weak information signals from various markets based on the mention of digital innovations. Innovative tools guide companies to construct a new reality for stakeholders, improve interaction methods with stakeholders, and form their favorable corporate image and brand positioning. We identified six trends that will impact the development of communications in the coming decades: machine learning; big data; virtual reality technologies; digital gamification; blockchain and NFT; migration to the metaverse. We concluded that these digital innovations would enrich the promotion toolkit, form a new socio-communication dimension, and produce a creative and meaningful context. In particular, we conclude that VR technologies will encourage further penetration of advertising and PR into the field of integrated virtual communications. Gamification will become more and more deeply rooted in all areas of marketing and PR activities, diversify interaction with stakeholders, and increase its effectiveness thanks to novelty, emotionality, and user involvement. Finally, NFT will become a symbol of innovation from the image perspective and a thematic platform for stakeholder communications. The article also outlines the features of marketing and PR in the metaverse


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