The Role and Development of Popular Science TV Programs During Times of MilitaryActions




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The article explores the presence of popular science programs in the Ukrainian television media market, specifically on the television broadcasting of nationwide TV channels in Ukraine. Popular science content is an important aspect of social life, particularly as a means of distraction from news about military actions. Additionally, projects of this content indicate the country's prospects in technological development on the global stage. Television should serve as one of the propagators of scientific ideas. The goal of this research is to characterize the presence of popular science programs on nationwide TV channels. The method used is content analysis of the programming grids of 32 nationwide TV channels. Their television programs, as well as websites and YouTube pages, were examined.

Results: Out of the 32 channels, only 5 transmit popular science programs. Among them, 4 channels produce their own content (Ми-Україна, Enter фільм, Піксель TV, 5 канал), while one, Мега, broadcasts mainly foreign-produced programs with a focus on natural sciences. Among the 4 channels with their own popular science content, 3 broadcasting programs of historical nature, and Піксель TV produces a project for children about chemical experiments.

Conclusions: These results indicate an under-representation in this niche; the Ukrainian television media market lacks popular science programs. UA:Перший, as a public broadcaster, which should actively develop popular science television in Ukraine according to its status and mandate, has ceased the production of such content. Some channels are developing historical content; however, other scientific fields are almost absent from Ukrainian television. Considering the results of the content analysis, there is a need to create a market for popular science television in Ukraine in line with societal demands.


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